Rotator Cuff Tear Macleod

Rotator Cuff Tear MacleodThe Rotator cuff muscles are a group of 4 muscles running from the scapula to the top of the humerus. The main joint in the shoulder is a ball and socket joint and it is the rotator cuff muscles job to hold the ball in the centre of the socket as you lift your arm.

Rotator Cuff injuries can be categorised as either tendinopathy or a tear and induce pain the shoulder. Tendinopathy is a tendon disorder where repetitive strain or overload has caused a weakening and degeneration of the tendon. Rotator cuff tears exhibit a discrete tear in the tendon tissue. This may occur from a single acute traumatic event or repetitive microtrauma. Tear sizes, which can vary greatly, as well as the age of the tear, have a significant impact on management.

Correct diagnosis through accurate history taking and a thorough detailed assessment, allows for correct management. If required you may be referred to one of our affiliated shoulder surgeons for further assessment and management.

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