Clinical Pilates Macleod

What Is Clinical Pilates?

Appropriate for all regardless of age, injury or ability, Clinical Pilates provides a form of active rehabilitation.

Using Pilates equipment (reformers and split pedal box), free weights and resistance bands, targeted rehab is provided for a myriad of conditions in a group setting.

The core focus of these exercises being to provide controlled movements with a focus on muscle endurance and mobility.

Programs are tailored to the individual and delivered by a trained physiotherapist, while being performed in a group setting to allow for social interaction.

Group Rehab

Group rehab is targeted at:

  • Injury rehabilitation for all areas of the body
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Improve core strength and control
  • Mobility and injury prevention
  • Prehabilitation for surgery


How Does It Work?

An initial assessment will be conducted to identify your strengths, weaknesses, muscle length imbalances, postural control and set your rehabilitation goals.

Another 2 sessions are generally required to familiarise you with your program and the pilates equipment before joining the group classes.

Classes run for 45 minutes with no more than 4 people in a single session allowing supervision and direct feedback on technique from a trained physiotherapist.

Some studios have up to 6 clients in a class but at Premium Physiotherapy we believe this greatly reduces the physiotherapists ability to provide adequate guidance.

Another feature of the Clinical Pilates program at Premium Physiotherapy that sets us aside is the vast array of exercises used to treat clients. Your program is not set to a strict number of exercises that creates boredom with repetition.

A variety of exercises are employed to target the same areas so that you have diversity  between classes, keeping interest high as no 2 classes are exactly the same.

clinical pilates macleod

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